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It’s Always You is an immersive experience by the artist to explore individualism and the idea of self in contemporary life. The artist will transform a section inside K11 Design Store into a room that is filled with mirrors, reflections and neon slogans, creating an optical illusion of the space vanishing due to multiple reflections. Through this ‘Invisible Shop’, the artist creates a stage for visitors to perform, encouraging unselfconscious selfies inside the space, and at the same time, mocking such inflated sense of self and excessive self-admiration that echoes with the neon sign ‘It’s Always You’. Only when the visitors exit the space will they realise that the mirror is see-through from outside and their behaviours in the room just now are in fact not so private. The installation immediately switches perspective and position for the performer, and forces them to see themselves clearly ‘without the mirror’.

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Selected product shots

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